SAB Parent Survey 2017

2017 Strategic Planning - Parent Survey

‚ÄčThis survey is for parents of current St. Mary's School students.  The results of this survey will help the School Advisory Board (SAB) Planning Committee develop the 5 year strategic plan.  Your input is greatly appreciated.

2017 SAB Parent Survey

1.       What is great about the school?

2.       What’s the school’s responsibility to the parish? 

3.       What qualities should the students have when they leave the school?

4.       What do you see as the top 3 strengths of the school right now?

5.       What are the top opportunities for improvement or growth of the school right now?

6.       What are the biggest roadblocks you anticipate the school facing over the next five years?

7.       Does the school have necessary faculty and staff? If not, what is the school missing?

8.       What role should extracurricular activities take in the school?

9.       What methods of communication are the most effective that the school currently uses?

10.    What methods of communication would you like to see the school start using or using more?

11.    How can parents and parent volunteers support the school?

12.    If you had to build the school from scratch, what would you do first?

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