The Haiti Collection

The Haiti Collection!
Posted on 12/03/2018
Haiti Collection

Every year seventh grader Johnny McCormick and his family visit Haiti to bring our school’s donations to children in need. They give children everything from toy cars to toothbrushes. It may seem like a small act of kindness, but these things are important. It is important to remember that we can be kind anytime by helping students and teachers.

Johnny’s father and brother went to El Salvador, until it got too dangerous. One day his dad found the Life Connection Mission (LCM) in Haiti. The McCormick family saw this as an opportunity for a family trip. The family has been a part of the mission for four years.

Johnny says that his favorite part of the trip is going to the party and playing soccer and other games. They always meet new people, but they also see the same people year after year. Johnny thinks it benefits his family by teaching them how to care for others. He feels good about the mission because he is helping others. Schools in Haiti provide a lot for their students, such as lunch and medical help.

St. Mary’s staff and faculty has adopted five children from Haiti thanks to learning about Life Connection Mission through the McCormick family. We are so fortunate that we go to a school which not only teaches us about the importance of charity, but actually puts it into action.