Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Our Thanksgiving Tradition
Posted on 11/28/2018
Our Thanksgiving Traditionby Alex Munoz and Sabrina Pham

The Thanksgiving Program is a ten-minute play
that our school’s kindergarten class performs every year. The kindergarteners perform the play to show the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags. In other words, they show us how Thanksgiving originated. After the play, the whole school receives (and enjoys eating!) apple or pumpkin pie, and vanilla ice cream. We have interviewed our kindergarten teacher, the one and only Mrs. Sweet, to find out more on the history of our annual Thanksgiving Program. We have found a couple of interesting facts that we think will be interesting. It turns out that the program started in 1994 by a former kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Werning. For six whole years, the tradition was to eat an entire Thanksgiving meal, including turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans. Our current kindergarten teacher came in the year 2000 and she has switched the program up to donating the food to the less fortunate. She has continued with that version for 18 whole years! The current banner used was painted back in 1996 by the kindergarten class. Before that banner, the old banner had boats. No other grade has participated in the play. We currently serve pie and ice cream to every student in the school who would like some. Parents also come and watch the program to see their children sing and recite their lines.

The program is not only enjoyable but is a memory to students who have participated in it and parents who come and watch. Many students wait all year long just to watch the performance that Mrs. Sweet, Mrs. Beins and our kindergarten class have set up to celebrate Thanksgiving. Teachers, students and parents love it! It is a great way to kick off Thanksgiving!