Drama Club Presents: Seussical Jr.

Drama Club Presents: Seussical Jr.
Posted on 03/18/2019
Seussical Jr. by Sarah and Naimah


very year St. Mary’s puts on an outstanding spring play. This year’s spring play is Seussical Jr. ! It encompasses all our favorite Dr. Seuss stories mixed together in one big, terrific musical. Mrs. Berg, our music teacher and Ms. Rodda, our science, math, and drama teacher, are the faculty advisors for the play.    

Seussical was chosen by Mrs. Berg and Ms. Rodda because it was different from last year’s play which was The Sound of Music.  Seussical  is a comedy with fun music. We were curious as to how our great teachers come up with their ideas, year after year. Mrs. Berg told us that she and Ms. Rodda discuss their favorite plays and discuss what would work best with our students and budget. The play is open to all 5th to 8th grade students. The next question we asked was what her favorite play is that she has assisted with here at St. Mary’s. She answered that her favorite play was Fiddler on the Roof because it dealt with a mature topic and the students acted very well in it.  Describing Seussical, Mrs. Berg told us that it is like all your favorite Dr. Seuss characters coming to life in one play, accompanied by outstanding music. There are about 33 songs in the play! The performances are quite professional looking because the school rents costumes from a theater company and we are assured they will have lots of sparkles and feathers. Mrs. Berg told us that her favorite part of the play is sitting back and letting the children do everything! The annual play costs roughly $1000.

For more information about fundraising visit smsrockvilledrama@gmail.com. The play will be sometime in April. We hope to see you there!