Extracurricular Activities

St. Mary's Extracurricular Activities include the following:

Parish Children’s Choir
Students in Grades 3 - 8 are eligible to join the Parish Children’s Choir. Rehearsals are
held in the evening. The Parish Liturgist is the coordinator of this activity.

School Chorus
Students in Grades 5 through 8 are eligible to join the School Chorus. Various types of music and
presentation are practiced. Concerts are typically scheduled once or twice a year. This activity is
coordinated by the music teacher.

Drama Club
Students in grades 5 through 8 are eligible to join the Drama Club. Performers and crew members are
important to successful productions. Students are exposed to various facets of show production.
Productions by the Club typically require an extensive commitment of time and effort by the
sponsoring adult and club members. This activity is coordinated by a team of volunteer school staff
and parent volunteers.

Parish Scouting Program
The Scouting program is sponsored by St. Mary's Parish. When Scout meetings are scheduled after
school, Scout uniforms may be worn in place of the school uniform.

Parish Sports Program
The Parish CYO sponsors athletic programs, including City of Rockville league play and Archdiocesan
CYO league play. Registration requirements vary, and games and practices are in the evenings and/or

Please check City of Rockville league website for detailed information on how to register for season athletic programs:

Robotics Club
Students in grades 5 - 9 are eligible to join the Robotics Club. Students that participate actively engage in theoretical and practical principles of how robots are engineered. Following national guidelines students will engage in contests during the second year of this club. This activity is coordinated by a teacher but requires participation of parents.