School Advisory Board

The St. Mary's School Advisory Board (SAB) provides advice and assistance to the St. Mary's School Principal and Pastor leadership team in the governance of the school.  If you are interested or know someone who has talents to lend to our great school, please email to find out how you can help.  The SAB meets once per month.  Committees, which may be comprised of both SAB members and non-SAB members, may meet more frequently as necessary.

St. Mary's School Advisory Board

Elected/Appointed Members

Mr. Jim Marks
Vice Chairman
Liaison to Finance Council
Mrs. Laura Long

Mrs. Shirley Bautista

Mrs. Anne Fullerton

Mr. Tim Hannan

Mr. Albert Martinez

Ms. Beth Rodda
‚ÄčFaculty Representative

Mr. Jesse Stahr

Mrs. Kelley Terry
HSA Representative

Mrs. Elissa Totin

Mrs. Karin Walker

Ex officio Members

Rev. Monsignor Robert G. Amey
President of the Board

Ms. Debra Eisel
Executive Secretary of the Board