2017 SAB Committess

2017-2018 School Advisory Board Committees

Standing Committees

Development and Fundraising

The purpose of the Development and Fundraising Committee is two-fold. At the simplest level, it offers advice about and lends fundraising support to activities in the school. More importantly, it plans and monitors new sources revenue such as alumni drives, campaigns, endowments and planned giving programs.

​Members: Albert Martinez (Chair), Dinis Camara

Planning, Policy and Assessment

The committee works on issues that involve goal setting in light of the mission and vision of the school, long-range strategic planning, and school improvement projects such as Middle States Evaluation. The function of the committee is to help articulate the philosophy and mission of the school, identify goals and needs based on the mission and develop an action plan for accomplishing those goals and meeting those needs. The committee also provides advice to the pastor-principal leadership team on important decisions facing the school community. Examples include admissions, curriculum, extra curricular activities, tuition and other policies. The committee also assesses the programs of the school in light of the policies and yearly goals for the school.

​Members: Simon Cauchi (Chair), Laura Long, Beth Rodda, Jesse Stahr
Non-SAB Members: Brian Fullerton, Joe Gillette, Robin Wiener


The Finance Committee of the School Advisory Board provides assistance to the pastor-principal leadership team on budget issues, tuition policies, financial assistance, and planning for the long-term financial stability of the school.

​Members: Jim Marks (Chair), Elissa Totin
Non-SAB Members: Bill Selby (Finance Committee)

Public Relations and Marketing

The committee, in tandem with the pastor-principal leadership team, work collaboratively to market the school. The committee should establish goals, assign responsibilities, evaluate success, and expect the whole community to participate in marketing the school.

​Members: Mo Stiles (Chair), Kelley Terry, Karin Walker
Non-SAB Members: Robyn Jordan

Nominating (ad Hoc)

The committee is formed on an as needed basis to seek out individuals whose philosophy, talents, and background make them ideal members of the advisory body.

​Members: Vacant

Additional SubCommittees


The committee runs the St. Mary's School Alumni Association.

​Members: Dinis Camara (Chair)
Non-SAB Members: Michelle Bean, Carole Day, Russ Hamill