4 - Governance

St. Mary's Strategic Plan

Pillar 4 - Governance

St. Mary’s School will continually have dedicated, proactive, and expert administrators, faculty, and parents planning and working for the current and future spiritual, instructional, and managerial success of the school.

Strategy Short Term Goal Mid Term Goal Long Term Goal

1.  Strategic Planning

To implement a strategic planning process that encompasses both a long term planning cycle (5 year or more) and a short term yearly planning cycle to create action plans that stimulate innovation in the school.

- Document strategic planning process used to create the long term planning cycle.


- Create, document ,and implement a yearly strategic planning cycle that will result in an action plan every school year.

- Identify and obtain measures of key operational work of the school.

- Create next 5 year strategic plan.

2.  School Advisory Board (SAB) & Home and School Association (HSA)

To improve the transparency and communication of the St. Mary’s School Advisory Board and Home and School Association in the advising, planning, and implementation of school activities.

- Create regular maintenance plan for SAB and HSA information on the school web site.

- Develop new methods of interacting with school stakeholders, including the parish and parents.

3.  Accreditation

To maintain proper accreditation of the school and employees.

- Formally document the accreditation scheuld of the school.

- Monitor laws and regulations to determine if new accreditations are needed.

4.  Staffing

To maintain proper staffing to operate the school.

- To increase collaboration and peer learning amongst faculty and staff.


- To hire additional administrative support (e.g.,vice principal).

- To improve the efficiency of professional development for faculty and staff.


- To identify additional staffing needs for faculty and staff.

- To expand the offerings of professional development for faculty and staff.

5.  Volunteering

To have a large and diverse group of people working for the success of the school.

- To make more efficient use of volunteer time and create a directory of volunteer opportunities.


- To increase the interactions and connection between the parish and the school

- To develop a system to promote parent engagement in activities and prevent burnout.

- To build a network of alumni and parents of alumni to interact with the school.