1 - Catholic Identity

St. Mary's Strategic Plan

Pillar 1 - Catholic Identity

St. Mary’s School provides a Christ-centered learning environment that provides the opportunity for spiritual growth, strengthens the bonds with our Catholic community, and produces students who realize their full potential as children of God.

Strategy Short Term Goal Mid Term Goal Long Term Goal

1.  Core Values

Clearly articulate the core values that we strive to embody as members of the St. Mary’s student body, faculty, and leadership.

- Develop a narrative to describe membership in the St. Mary’s School community (school “brand”).


- Identify why those values are important and relative to the Christian faith.


2.  Education Reflects Catholic Faith

Ensure that the St. Mary’s student body receives an education that reflects our enduring commitment to the Catholic faith.


- Create more opportunities for students to be involved in at least two acts of community service per school year.


- Utilize the Big Buddy Program to engage younger students in spiritual mentorship or learning with older student members.

- Provide opportunities for students in all grades to participate in faith-oriented field trips.

3.  School – Parish Bonds

Strengthen the bonds between the school and parish communities.


(see Pillar 3, Strategy 4)

- Work with the Social Actions Committee to create a parish calendar of service activities.


- Develop a communication strategy to recognize the participants of service activities to the school and parish communities.


- Provide priests with regular updates of school-related news and events for sharing with the congregation.

- Provide opportunities for parents/parishioners to participate in acts of service for our community.


- Encourage participation of parish priests in educational functions.


- Celebrate Sunday Eucharist and other sacraments as a school community, and participate in the Mass as age-appropriate.

4.  Presence of Christ

Celebrate the presence of Christ in our community.

- Promote Christian identity through the words and deeds of our staff and student body.


- Create a welcoming atmosphere in the school by modeling mutual care and respect.


5.  Consistent Feedback

Provide consistent feedback, with measurable results, from stakeholders regarding Catholic identity.

- Annually solicit feedback from school community to assess Catholic identity.


- Regularly solicit observational data from faculty and spiritual leaders about students’ spiritual growth and opportunities for character building.