3 - Enrollment

St. Mary's Strategic Plan

Pillar 3 - Enrollment

St. Mary’s School will establish, maintain, and improve upon approaches to increase enrollment with an emphasis on affordability and accessibility.

Strategy Short Term Goal Mid Term Goal Long Term Goal

1.  Recruitment/Retention

Develop a methodology that establishes ongoing recruitment activities throughout the year as well as for the retention of the current St. Mary’s school community.

- Create a living document within the SAB Planning Committee that catalogs all current recruitment/retention activities conducted by St. Mary’s and establishes a central POC for its execution.


- Communicate to the St. Mary’s school community the POC for recruitment at St. Mary’s and that we ALL should be committed to the growth of our school family.

- Establish a central repository and an internal capture capability that collects information from St. Mary’s school families that have raised concerns/struggles in staying enrolled. The information should be made available to the proper SAB committee for review.


- Improve communications to St. Mary’s school families to best support recruitment activities.

- Establish a strategy that will appeal to a broader student population (non-Catholic, special needs, etc.).


- Develop a strategy for pupil retention based on concerns/struggle information collected.


- Collect metrics on recruitment activities, and revise recruitment activities as needed.

2.  Budgeting

Improve the overall budgeting process and communications on overall financial wellness of St. Mary’s school.

- Document the activities undertaken during the budgeting process and have it reviewed every six months by the SAB Finance Committee to capture any changes to the activities.

- Establish a mid-year analysis process on budgeting vs. costs to properly document any cost overruns or shortfalls that may have occurred during the school year.


- Provide regular information about the school's finances to the school community.

- Conduct bi-annual pricing analysis by third-party to make recommendations on how to best identify future cost growth that can assist in developing long term budget plans.

3.  Fundraising

Develop a methodology that establishes and improves upon ongoing fundraising activities throughout the year for our current St. Mary’s school community.

- Create a living document within the SAB Fundraising Committee that catalogs all current fundraising activities conducted by St. Mary’s, and establish a central POC for their execution.

- Evaluate current fundraising programs to determine their current ROI and make recommendations to SAB on changes.

- Establish a fundraising calendar that identifies possible conflicts with other local non-profit organizations to maximize fundraising during events.


- Develop a separate financing/fundraising plan for all these activities, in coordination with the governing body.

4.  Marketing

Increase awareness and importance of Catholic education at St. Mary’s to parishioners and the Rockville community.


(see Pillar 1, Strategy 3)

- Support the Marketing Committee which, among other areas, emphasizes and markets the school's Catholic identity within the context of faith and community.


- Recognize and market achievements of St. Mary’s school through the parish bulletins, from the pulpit, and the school web site.

- Showcase each school grade once a month and conduct it during a “coffee/donut Sunday.”  Strengthen the ties between the school, parish, and visitors to the church.

- Create a business partnership outreach program that can assist with including St. Mary’s school as part of their marketing strategies (i.e., realtors, local offices, etc.)


- Expand local alumni involvement by communicating recent St. Mary’s school achievements and requesting their support by spreading that information.

5.  Tuition Assistance Funding

Develop additional tuition assistance funding.

- Add an auction item at the annual gala that offsets the tuition for the winner.  Example:  The item is a fixed $5 bid – 1 entry per family. The winner is selected by random.  The winner’s family tuition is offset by the funds collected for the item.


- Conduct monthly financial assistance booths at the parish hall after a Sunday mass.

- Establish estate planning sessions for parishioners that includes gifting to St. Mary’s school.


- Work more closely with the Archdiocese to improve communications on financial assistance available to all parishioners’ at all local churches.