5 - Facilities

St. Mary's Strategic Plan

Pillar 5 - Facilities

St. Mary's School will update the current facilities in order to provide a more modern and competitive look for current and prospective families.

Strategy Short Term Goal Mid Term Goal Long Term Goal

1.  Capital Campaign for Expansion

Raise finances for the Capital Campaign for Expansion, which includes three additional classrooms and a dedicated music room for the school.

- Talk with John duFief to coordinate with the building commission about school facility improvements.


- Research development firms and compare pricing.

- Create a Capital Campaign team to organize and plan fundraising.

- Hire a developer and start expansion.

2.  Scheduled Maintenance Projects

Create a list of  scheduled maintenance projects to provide excellent facilities for the students.

- Communicate the completion of maintenance projects as they happen.


- Replace the boiler.

- Replace windows and blinds throughout the school.

- Replace or remove carpeting in the school.

3.  Technology Services

Upgrade technology services at the school to provide stronger academic supports for both faculty and students.

- Increase the amount of routers in the school.

- Upgrade the server.

- Upgrade all technology in the classrooms.

4.  Playground

Create a larger and safer playground for our students to play.

- Contact the owner of the property behind the fence to negotiate the ability to expand our playground.

- Investigate other options for playground growth.

5.  Mary’s House

Better utilize existing space to better meet the needs of our school.

- Create a committee to investigate different possibilities for Mary’s House.

- Create and implement a plan to use the space for the school.